Frozen Mind

Now is the time to thaw out and re-engage with LIFE!

Anxiety is a normal and functional response to living, it is what keeps us alert and even motivated, but it can take our mind captive when it becomes the problem. It is as through your mind is frozen with fear, dread and worry and you can’t melt it away.  The impact is chronic, it is as if you are frozen in a state of being, and as if paralyzed you are unable to do much, except live in conscious awareness with the neurotic kremlins of your mind.

Anxiety manifest itself in various forms such as: social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, health anxiety, panic attacks and general anxiety to name a few.

It may be that you once loved to socialize with friends and family and now you are locked within the confines of the walls of your home, you have stopped enjoying your relationships. Your creatively is stifled because of lack of external stimulation.

Suffering from anxiety can chronically impact your productivity at work, in that you may be procrastinating, you may find yourself not going after certain projects for fear of failure, or worry that you would be able to cope.

You may also suffer from physical symptoms, and these may include, lack of concentration, chest pains, skin problems, sleep disturbance, increased heart rate, gastro-intestinal problems (stomach), tiredness, and headaches.

When these problems are severe, it is a challenge to get back to normal, and can be quiet frustrating for the sufferer. Thawing out sometimes requires help to get started with issues such as changing your automatic negative thoughts, and unravelling any mis-interpretation of bodily sensations.  Use distractions such as a hobby to reduce your anxiety, be determined when excuses furry their way into your mind, the persistence will pay off.  Another way you cope is to breathe deeply and slowly, this action will help you to calm down.

You can take change of your problem if you learn how to identify the triggers, and the best practice to help reduce your symptoms mentally and physically, in terms of understanding what foods to avoid or reduce its intake.  Tame your mind and give yourself compassion to enjoy the life you were meant to live in the now.  Don’t lose another minute worrying call or write us today and change your life.

We are running a workshop (£25.00) to get you starting the processing of melting the ice that has frozen you.  Visit our website at for details. and to register.